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Avis d'arnaque possible

Il a été porté à l'attention de Casio que des personnes inconnues ont fait la promotion d'une offre supposée dans laquelle une promesse de paiement par chèque de banque est faite à des personnes désireuses d'afficher une publicité Casio ou G-SHOCK sur leur véhicule.
Casio ne parraine pas ou n'a aucun lien avec une telle offre, et a seulement appris cette offre supposée grâce à des signalements reçus de personnes concernées. Étant donné que cette « offre » supposée est au moins faussement attribuée à Casio, nous recommandons aux destinataires de ne pas répondre à ces communications, de ne pas cliquer sur les liens fournis, et de supprimer immédiatement ces communications.

Important Notification

12 décembre 2019 To Users of the "G-SHOCK+" Dedicated G-SHOCK App
Thank you for using a Casio "GB Series" Bluetooth watch.
The "G-SHOCK+" dedicated G-SHOCK app has been supported as an application for linking with smartphones since the GB Series watches were released. However, support for both the OS and for smartphones will end as of 29 mai 2020.

Also, while you can continue using your currently installed app, changes to the specifications of your OS or smartphone may result in your app becoming unusable without advance notice.

Affected watch models:
GB-5600B, GB-X6900B, GB-6900B, GB-5600AA/AB, GB-6900AA/AB, GBA-400

[GBA-400 Users]
With the termination of support for the "G-SHOCK+" app, the new "GBA-400+" app will be released as a GBA-400 application for linking with smartphones. The "GBA-400+" app also replaces the current dedicated "G'MIX" app for functions such as controlling the music player. The new app will link with your standard Smartphone music player so that you can control it from your watch. (Following the release of the "GBA-400+" app, "G'MIX" will no longer be available as a download from the app market.)

Covid Message
In order to support students and teachers dealing with school closures due to the novel coronavirus pandemic, we have decided to help with remote learning. Feel free to share these online learning tools and resources designed to help sustain math skills at home. Now it has now made Web service for mathematical calculations and Manager and Emulator software applications free of charge for teachers conducting online classes. Both will be free until 31 août 2020*.
  1. Extension of free trial period for emulator/ manager software Extension of free trial period until August 31st, 2020.
  2. Supporting tools for teachers & students. We made a special page on edu casio to inform supporting tools for teachers & students.
Kindly make good use of this opportunity to announce teachers and students to try out CASIO ClassWiz emulator and other tools.

We really hope all of your family and staff can stay safe and get rid of the current situation asap.
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